Information material - MonkeyFeverRisk project

Tick Information Card - this small card (12cm x 9cm) can be distributed to the public in areas prone to KFD risk.
It provides information on tick behaviour, guidance on how to avoid exposure to these ectoparasites, and
how to check for and safely remove any feeding ticks. 
Click on the images below to download printable versions of the card in English, Kannada and Malayalam.

Tick information card KFD project Dec 2019

Tick information card in Kannada - KFD project

Tick information card in Malayalam

KFD factsheets and information leaflet by other organisations:

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KFD leaflet- Karnataka Health Department                CD Alert issue on KFD - NCDC India                    KFD Factsheet - Centre for Disease Control USA     

Information pamphlet on KFD in Kannada -  MANGANA KAAYILECD alert Kyasanur Forest Disease - National Centre for Disease Control, India











Consultation book on KFD - National Centre for Disease Control.        Mangana Kayile - Kyasnur forest disease
Circulated amongst participants of the KFD National Consultation          An information booklet written by Dr H R Bhat,
workshop. All contributors are duly acknowledged.                                 Deputy Director(1984), National Institute of Virology, Pune.

NCDC Consultation Book on KFD - we acknowledge all contributorsMangana Kayile - Kyasnur forest disease information booklet written by Dr H R Bhat

Forms for Health Professionals

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Vaccination card in Kannada - issued by the Department of Health Karnataka

KFD Vaccination card in Kannada - Department of Health Karnataka