Dr Gudadappa Kasabi

Gudadappa Kasabi
Co-Investigator & Deputy Chief Medical Officer



Dr Kasabi has been working with the Department of Health and Family Welfare Services, in the Government of Karnataka, India for over 14 years during which completed a Masters degree in Public Health. He is in charge of the implementation of an array of national health programmes, disease surveillance, immunisation monitoring activities, and health system development. The latter and emerging infectious diseases are the focus of Dr Kasabi’s research. Since 2011, he has been studying the tick-borne viral haemorrhagic Kyasanur Forest Disease (KFD, also known as Monkey Fever) and investigated factors affecting its epidemiology. Dr Kasabi has presented his findings on the outbreak of Kyasanur Forest Disease and KFD vaccine coverage and effectiveness at an international conferences and in peer-reviewed journals.


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